This year’s Game Booth village will have 14 unique booths for children (and adults) of all ages to participate!

Most booths are “sponsored” by a different St. Aloysius School class or group. This is the group or grade level that takes the responsibility for filling the volunteer spots. thank you for your commitment to a great fair. The sponsoring group is noted in parentheses.

Duck Pond: Children will choose duck(s) and receive the number of tickets on the bottom of the duck. (Childcare Center)

Wishing Well: Children will wish for a certain item and hopefully pull that item up from the bottom of the well. (Pre-K)

Feed the Lion/Lollipop Tree: Children will reach into the mouth of the lion and pull out a ball. They will receive the number of tickets on the ball. Children will pull a lollipop from the tree and receive tickets based on the color of the dot on the bottom. (K)

Tic-Tac-Toe: Children will throw bean bags onto a tic-tac-toe board and receive tickets based on the position of the bean bags. (1st Grade)

Coke Ring Toss: Children will throw rings towards a group of Cokes in hopes of getting a ring around the neck of one of the bottles. They will receive that bottle of Coke as their prize. (2nd Grade)

Hole-In-One: Children will putt a golf ball toward the hole in hopes of getting it in on the first try. (3rd Grade)

Wheel of Fortune: Children will place a chip on the number board and hope the volunteer lands on that number when he/she spins the number wheel. (4th Grade)

Baseball Jug Throw: Children will receive several throws to try and knock down as many milk jugs as possible. Tickets will be rewarded for milk jugs knocked down. (5th Grade)

Blinko: Children will drop balls down the Blinko board. Whichever slot the ball lands in, the child receives that number of tickets. (6th Grade)

Basketball: Children will receive several turns to try and make a basket. Tickets will be rewarded for shots made. (7th Grade)

Jail: Children can pay to put their friends in jail for a maximum of 20 minutes. The volunteer becomes the jailer who is in charge of keeping the "prisoners" in jail for the time paid. (8th Grade)

Football Toss: Children will receive several turns to try and throw a football through the center of the tire. Tickets will be rewarded for throws made through the tire. (Youth Group)

Sand Art: Children will be able to pour different colors of sand into a bottle to create a work of art!

Paintball: Children will get several shots to shoot items off of a shelf. Tickets will be rewarded for items knocked off.

Dunk Tank: Try your game at dunking teachers, some local stars and maybe even the Priests!